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The Mouse Yoke! Turn a mouse into a flight yoke...

Checking out the odd Mouse Yoke from 1992! Colorado Spectrum sold several flight simulator adjacent devices in the 90s but this is the weird one of...

Marisa Giancarla Check out his Bob t-shirt! 4 weeks ago

Microsoft Bob Commerical - 1995

Can't imagine why this condescending little piece of software never took off. After all, who wouldn't want an operating system that's been hijacked...

I do not enjoy this experience, yet I need to use a computer.

Marisa Giancarla is friends with Jacqueline

I lik bob


MSBOB adding the oval office 2022

Fenway edition 2022 ms bob, modded so you can add your own textures/objects/rooms. Get the mod add-on through GitHub or on msbob org the website's...

Daniele has a new profile cover. 2 years ago
Fenrir has a new profile cover. 2 years ago

I hacked MsBOB, there was a hidden room that was always there it's now accessible with broken-out  textures that you can replace, use inkscape to save workible wmf  files, added 5 extra enteries of everything! Finnally add your own stuff to Bob! As a bonus added Zipper to be accessible from progam add menu, it shows the codding team's credits with ballons!
See list#.png, read the readme. 

To be forgotten is a fate worse than death.  Rememeber me.

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Fenrir created a new topic ' New assets diy' in the forum. 2 years ago

Replacing graphics:
Dosbox-X aka dosbox2
Win3.11 for dosboxX vhd zip from archive dot org or do it the hard way installing via floppy img
MSaccess 1.1 from winworldpc døt com/product/microsoft-access/10
sourceforge døt net/projects/pstoedit/
Version 3.40 works on XP, 3.78 does not. Todo: test which is highest ver for winXP
Image magik
imagemagick døt org
Setup Flow:
Put win311 folder in dosboxX's folder along side it's exe
You will need to edit dosboxX's at the end of it the autoexec section
Add frist:
mount C .\win311
Add second: the lines from the autoexec from the win311 folder that is already installed previously..

%path% appends the path  dosbox already set for itself, ie Z:\
Open dosboxx, type win. Win311 boots yes? Close win311 to get back to command prompt
Next: unzip all the msaccess images into a single folder i assume in the same place as win311 and Mount it as a harddrive,  win311 ignores ffd mounts idk why mount D F:\fml\msaccess\
Type win again.
Navigate to setup via file manager, do the thing.
Now u can use msaccess outside of dosoxx and win311, on winXP. It just wont install correctly from winxp and won't run under win311 it complains about no network...
The meat:
Open upic.mpd in msacess 1.1
Table photo storage
path is relative to msbob directory as root.
Flag 2 use external path\filename.WMF
Flag 4 use use external  path\filename.ANI in animation field, fill it in as seen with other ani like flames
Use file save record. Close the database else the file is locked. Load msbob, profit!
Cavants: utopia.dll creates and stores a thumbnail after frist viewing of an asset, start with fresh database when replacing for keeps.
There is no way I know to delete or repalce the photo data globs, access won't let me can't dump them, I can replace with bogus wav via insert object.
Tips: when testing place an object, the preview maybe false. Any wmf can be replaced, rooms, room views etc.
If you see a question mark poster the asset could not be found/invalid.
New assets??:
I can't find away to make or edit the ani files. Wmf is wmf adulos version, emf will not work.
Workflow: use image magik to convert to ps, PostScript, use pstoedit to convert ps to wmf adulos.
What options fix the bounding box either for image magik out to ps, or ps in or wmf out options for pstoedit. Lastly to test an image with alpha.



Nadee created a new topic ' Can anyone help me?' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hello hello, I'm glad I found this pretty website :D

I'm doing some research on UI related stuff, and Microsoft BOB came to my attention. I'd really love to try it out in person since it could be very useful for what I'm working to.

I've been trying to start it on a virtual machine (oracle virtualbox), using Windows 95 OS, but no version seem to work. Am I doing anything wrong? Most of my issues are with .cab files, since the computer declares to not be able to read it. Is there anything I can do?

Thanks so much in advance to whoever reaches this post and tries to help me!

- N


Joshua Qin is friends with Marisa Giancarla

Joshua Qin shared a photo. 2 years ago

The Utopia Beta 1 disk cover, from December 1994, before it was officially named Microsoft Bob. Includes the Bob SDK.
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